Best Wazirx Alternative in India

Despite being one of the leading Indian exchanges, WazirX is now failing to meet the high demand from Indian consumers. As a consequence, consumer service is poor, and many concerns remain unsolved also after days of follow-up.

WazirX is one of India’s top and secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Nevertheless, there are a lot of different platforms you may use instead of WazirX to achieve similar capabilities and security. This post will go through the greatest WazirX alternatives and their characteristics.

Best Wazirx Alternative in India

1) Vauld

Whenever it relates to the Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, Vauld is a ray of light. It provides numerous additional features that practically other Indian exchanges lack. For example, they provide a crypto borrowing and lending tool that allows you to earn income on your crypto holdings while also borrowing cash using your crypto as collateral. This one function is currently unavailable on all existing exchangers, including WazirX.

2) CoinDCX

CoinDCX is indeed an Indian cryptocurrency exchange with good volatility, quick INR banking transactions, a good reputation, and maybe improved customer care than WazirX.

If you’ve ever used WazirX, you’ll have no trouble getting underway with CoinDCX. CoinDCX was created on April 7, 2018 and has locations around India. CoinDCX allows you to invest or trade in about 375+ Cryptocurrencies just at time of posting this information. CoinDCX is accessible over the web and has a mobile phone app for all Android and ios platforms.

3) ZebPay

ZebPay seems to be the oldest Indian cryptocurrency exchange, and they have an interesting backstory. The only concern with ZebPay is that when laws in India became strict (after the RBI’s interim ban), ZebPay stopped ceased its presence in India. ZebPay only recently began business in India, and according on visitation and interaction data, they rank bottom as a WazirX alternative. It will be interesting to see whether ZebPay can reclaim its former position as the number one exchanger.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that their product is of questionable quality, since they offer one of the best mobile applications for Indian cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

4) Binance

Many Indians are ignorant of this website, and it may amaze you to learn because WazirX is managed by Binance. Binance is the largest worldwide cryptocurrency exchange at the time of this writing. They have a coin called BNB, that provides much more functionalities than WazirX’s WRX coin.

The nice part is that you may move Fiat currency between WazirX to Binance for free utilising their own transmission. Additional incentive to employ an agency like Binance is because the pace of Development exchanges is not on level with foreign rivals owing to India’s uncertain cryptocurrency rules.

5) BitBns

Bitbns is a crypto exchange framework that began operations in December of 2017. It is India’s premier cryptocurrency exchange, and it accepts more than 90 currencies.

Additionally, the Bitbns Testnet application simulates a competitive landscape using the same facilities and system component as that of the primary base. Its Fixed Income Plans investing product allows users to produce additional income. Bitbns is a secure technology that supports multiple verification. The Bitbns smartphone app is available in The Google play and the Appstore.

6) BuyUCoin

BuyUcoin is a cryptocurrency trading service and wallet that debuted in India in 2016. It enables Indian customers to purchase and trade cryptocurrency in Indian rupees (INR), as well as transfer INR to a savings account. Moreover, BuyUcoin has an excellent advertising and referrals system that allows users to make up to 50% trade income and a guaranteed reward of INR 2000+ in Cryptocurrency on each and every enrollment.

This transaction fee is significantly better than the industry norm. BuyUcoin doesn’t really charge any investment or KYC fees to its customers. It has an app both for Android and iOS smartphones.

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